Dollar Cost average. Rebuy a position at lower prices over time. The more a position drops, the more likely it will eventually go up again statistically. This also compensates a given error rate on occured trading signals. This disadvantage of DCA is, the risk of drawdown is higher and the bot might get stuck in a position over time, since the balance of that position increases. That might block your bot. That why you need to make sure to keep your bot position sizes remain similar. Consider to cut a position in case its relative balance porpotion got high and there is still a lot of downside risk.


No rebuy of a position. Cuts the position after a certain loss. This will make sure, position sizes are always equal. But you have to make sure to have a success rate of your trades that is more than 50%, to grow your portfolio over time.

Trailing Stoploss

Like stoploss, only with the difference, that the stoploss will be tightened automatically in case price rises higher. Make sure that the stoploss is not too close to your entry, since there are many fakeouts in the markets and the volatility might become quite high.


Alternative coins. All coins apart from Bitcoin, since Bitcoin is the reserve currency with the highest marketcap.