No strategy

Does not use any certain strategy for buying or selling. Initial buys will occur immediately if there is enough base currency balance left. Dca buys will occur if position profit is below lossUntilDcaRebuy. Sells will occur either if position profit is above minSellProfit or below stopLoss or if current DCA rebuy reached stopLossOnDcaLevel.


Rsi buy events will occur, if Rsi falls below rsiBuyValue. Rsi sell events will occur, if Rsi rises above rsiSellValue.

Rsi Divergence

This strategy searches for divergences between price and Rsi. At first price has to enter oversold (for buy event) or overbought (for sell event) region. Then buy or sell event will be generated if Rsi divergence is greater than rsiDivergenceMinStrength and price moves at next backtested candle in reverse direction. rsiDivergenceMinStrength will be calculated by spread between price and Rsi in percent and is to be considered as the strength of the divergence.
Note: Used standard indicator values: rsiDivergenceNumCandles = 14; oversold <= 30; overbought >= 70.

Stoch Rsi

Stoch Rsi Cross events will be triggered if K (faster) line crosses D (slower) line and the cross is not older than stochRsiCrossNumCandlesValid amount of candles.

Stoch Rsi K or D events will get triggered in case K or D line falls or rises below or above a certain threshold. E.g. for Stoch Rsi D buy event: below stochRsiDBuyValue

Ema Spread / Cross

Ema or Sma Cross strategy triggers an event in case the faster line crosses the slower line, the recent cross is not older than emaCrossNumCandlesValid amount of candles and spread is larger than emaCrossBuyValue (e.g. on Ema buy event). Ema or Sma spread strategy ignores any crosses and only considers the spread.

Sma / Ema Deviation

Buy or sell events will get triggered in case price is inside deviation range of smaDeviationNumCandles smaDeviation for Sma Deviation strategy or inside deviation range of emaDeviationNumCandles emaDeviation for Ema Deviation strategy.

LowBB / HighBB

Buy events for LowBB strategy will get triggered in case price falls a certain percentage below the lower band of bollinger bands (lowBBBuyValue in percent). Sell events for HighBB strategy will get triggered in case price rises a certain percentage above the upper band of bollinger bands (highBBSellValue in percent).