To edit program settings, go to File -> Settings

You have the following options:

Anti-aliasing: use antialiasing for plotted result chart diagrams

Show hints: Show hints and optimizations for backtesting results.

Theme: Set the theme of the software.

Backtesting target: Set the target for the backtesting process. You can choose whats more important to you. Maximum profit, low drawdown or maximum amount of trades.

  • max profit: test with biggest ratio between end balance and start balance will succeed
  • max profit and low drawdown: best ratio between max profit and lowest average drawdown
  • max profit and max trades: best result of max profit and largest amount of trades
  • max profit and continuous growth: best result of max profit and lowest average period of time until there is a higher high in the total portfolio balance
  • max profit, max trades and low drawdown: in case you care for a good mixture between max profit, max trades and low average drawdown

Base candle time frame: Easily switch between different candle time frames and load corresponding chart data file presets automatically.

Trading mode: Easily switch between trading mode such as DCA, Stoploss or Trailing Stoploss and adjust corresponding parameter settings automatically.

Accumulate coin: Want to accumulate a certain coin instead of BaseCurrency over time? No problem. At the beginning of the backtesting process the amount of BaseCurrency will be converted directly into the coin you want to accumulate. After the backtesting process the final amount of BaseCurrency will be converted again into the coin to accumualte. In this way you can compare whether trading BaseCurrency against Altcoins is really more profitable than buy and holding the accumulation coin. We made an example test here.

Auto find strategy A.I.: Find best strategies automatically. This option may require more calulcation time than testing certain strategies individually. Enabling this option will disable manual trading strategy user input in GUI.

Statistics diagram options: Draw different statistical options into the portfolio diagram after the backtesting process.

  • show drawdown: shows the drawdown (loss) over time according to your start balance
  • show balance usage: shows the base currency balance (e.g. BTC) altcoin ratio over time
  • show position size clumping: shows clumping of individual positions according to their DCA level over time
  • show DCA ratio: shows the ratio between DCA positions and normal positions

Position diagrams options:

price representation: shows the representation of the price in the position diagrams after the backtesting process

Time Period:

Test certain time period: this option allows you to backtest a certain common time period based on all used chart data files. Please note, that is option can only be used after the backtesting process has been processed at least once.