Crypto Backtester Ultimate

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Ultimate version. 365 days subscription.

Unlimited version for absolute power Backtesters.

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Crypto Backtester Pro helps you to find the best automated trading strategy for your trading bot.

Make money while you sleep. Without manual trading stress.

Based on your fully customizable parameter file, the historical price data csv files and your choosen buying and selling strategy, Crypto Backtester Pro tests all conceivable strategies inside a given range and outputs the best one. Finally the best strategy will be visualized in chart diagrams which then can be examined. Several parameters offer the possibility to simulate the test results under similar market conditions.

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2 reviews for Crypto Backtester Ultimate

  1. Stefan S.

    We bought directly the Ultimate version. Was exactly looking for such a tool! We can finally trade our whole portfolio with very low risk. Its actually even lower than just holding bitcoin thanks to high diversification and eliminated leverage liquidation. Thanks Embedded Solution Team, you made great work!

  2. Peter K.

    Wow this tool is mindblowing! Bought this for Profit Trailer, very good for testing your trading strategies. The results are very interesting, let’s see how this behaves in the bot over time

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