To edit parameter settings, go to File -> Settings

There are fixed parameters and dynamically calculated parameters. Dynamically calculated parameters have a default value and min and max value. Min and max value are the range limits for generating test values of each parameter during backtesting process.

SettingDescriptionRange of valuesData type
feePerTradefee for each closing and opening of a position>= 0double
baseCurrencyStartBalance start balance used for the backtesting calculation> 0double
initialBuyPercentageinitial cost for opening a position> 0%double
DCABuyPercentagepercentage based on the current position size that will be rebought on an DCA buy. Please note that this value is the initial value for the first DCA buy. Any further DCA buy percentage will be caculated by DCABuyPercentage * DCABuyPercentage factor> 0% and <= 100%double
DCABuyTargetrequired loss of an open position until an DCA buy is possibledouble
maxDCABuyLevelmaximum amount of DCA buys> 0int
DCASellPortion<100% means open position will be sold in pieces once DCASellTarget is reached. 100% means, that open position will be closed. DCASellPortion will be multiplied with DCASellPortion factor for any further DCA sell level. (E.g. in case you want to DCA out in larger portions the higher the price goes, DCASellPortion factor is above 1)> 0% and <= 100%double
DCASellTargetminimum required profit of open position until it can be sold> feePerTrade double
maxDCASellLevelmaximum amount of DCA sells (DCA out of an open position in portions)
stopLossrequired loss on which an open position should be cut with a loss< 0double
trailingStopLossrequired loss regarding to the highest price since activation on which an open position should be cut with a loss< 0double
trailingStopLossStepDiscrete price interval for trailingStopLoss update> 0double
DCABuyModeSet the behaviour of DCABuyTarget parameter: (only enabled in DCA trading mode)
– single target: fixed parameter for all open positions
– target levels: base value, multiplied with a DCABuyTarget factor for any further DCA level
– single target controlled: single parameter for all open positions that is controlled by the balance usage of the portfolio
SellMode– single target: close the position immediately once the DCASellTarget is reached and an sell event occurs
– portions on target levels: sell the open position in portions once the DCASellTargets are reached.