To edit parameter settings, go to File -> Settings

There are fixed parameters and dynamically calculated parameters. Dynamically calculated parameters have a default value and min and max value. Min and max value are the range limits for generating test values of each parameter during backtesting process.

SettingDescriptionRange of valuesData type
feePerTradefee for each closing and opening of a position>= 0double
baseCurrencyStartBalancestart balance used for the backtesting calculation> 0double
initialCostPercentageinitial cost for opening a position> 0%double
buyPercentagedefault value for DCA rebuy percentage> 0 and <= 100double
minSellProfitminimum required profit, when a sell order should be possible> feePerTradedouble
maxDCALevelmaximum amount of DCA rebuys> 0int
lossUntilDcaRebuyrequired loss for open position until a DCA rebuy is possible< 0%double
stopLossOnDcaLevelnumber of DCA levels on which the open position should be cut with a loss> 0 and < maxRebuysdouble
stopLossrequired loss on which an open position should be cut with a loss< 0double
trailingStopLossrequired loss regarding to the highest price since activation on which an open position should be cut with a loss< 0double
trailingStopLossStepDiscrete price interval for trailingStopLoss update> 0double