What is the goal of the backtesting process?

The backtesting process outputs the test with the greatest overall profit. That means the greatest ratio between end balance and start balance. All test statistics are output for this test.

My backtesting process failed. What is the reason?

The backtesting process will succeed if the end balance is higher than the start balance. In case the backtesting process failed, you need to adjust the parameters. It is recommended to only make small parameter changes between the backtesting processes in order to easily track the changes. Simply use our default parameter file as working base.

E.g. In case your amount of tests is too small, the program might not be able to find a useful backtesting parameter or indicator value during the process.

Another reason might be a too small DCA rebuy level. In that case the program might get not get rid of an open position over time. That might result in too high drawdown and a smaller end balance than start balance at the end.

What trading bot shall i use?

The program is optimized for both Profit Trailer and Cryptohopper. General standard trading indicators and parameters are used, which can also be individually adjusted. Therefore, other trading bots can also be used that use standard trading indicators and parameters.