After you downloaded Crypto Backtester Pro and licensed it correctly, please make sure the source folder contains all necessary files.

  • time frame folders: contain all the chart data source files (historic price data) the program will use for backtesting
  • errorLog.ini: contains information in case an error occurs
  • settings.ini: contains all the stored parameter settings. All these settings can be adjusted via GUI.

You can place your own chart data source files inside the corresponding time frame folders. These are the files the program will use for the backtesting process.

After you changed the chart data source files, please also make sure to set the corresponding base candle time frame, chart data file names and paths in the settings GUI, or simply use our default files and config.

You can download further chart data source files from the following pages and replace the existing onces, if you want:

Start the program

Run the program by chosing Enter Application -> Continue

Adjust the settings

The settings.ini file contains the settings you adjusted for the program. It is divided into Program settings, parameter settings, indicator settings and chart data file settings.

Every setting can be controlled via the GUI.

Set amount of test runs

  • Enter amount of tests the program shall use for the backtesting process. There are two seperate test categories.
    • Number of parameter combinations: amount of tests with randomly generated values for variable parameters.
    • Number of indicator combinations: amount of tests with randomly generated values for variable indicators for chosen buy and sell strategy combination.

Note: All range values for test value generation for variable parameters as well as for variable indicator settings are defined in the parameter config file and can be adjusted.

Set strategy logic combination

  • Enter your buy and sell strategy combination the programm should be using for backtesting process. Any given strategy can be combined with logic connections.

Note: In case you chose No strategy, any other strategy will be ignored.

Run backtesting process

Now run the backtesting process.

Evaluate backtesting results

After the backtesting process is finished, you can analyze the results visually. Just select a chart and you can zoom into it.

The log output: shows general information and error messages.

  • The backtesting results are divided into common results and buy level distribution.
    • common results: General backtesting result information.
    • buy level distribution: Shows the amount of buys for each DCA level of each position.

Note: Please watch our Most asked questions guide in case you have any issues or please contact support!

Compare the qualities of the trading signals against each other

In case you are using different technical indicators at the same time, you can compare the quality of their generated trading signals against each other.

In this example we are using Rsi or LowBB as buy signals. That means we have two separate trading signals that can be generated during the backtesting process.

When the backtesting process is finished, you will see the quality of each signal. The better the signal the higher the quality value. The quality reference value is 1.

The quality of the trade signals will be calculated by weighted parameters such as amount of trades, average profit, average drawdown and average open time of the position.