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Step 1: Get Crypto Backtester Pro

Step 2: Backtest the trading strategies

Step 3: Apply the best strategy on your trading bot.

Step 4: Sit back and watch your Bitcoin grow over time.

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Here’s What Other People are Saying About Crypto Backtester Pro
Trade whole portfolio without liquidation risk!

We directly bought the Pro version. Was exactly looking for such a tool! We can finally trade our whole portfolio with very low risk. Its actually even lower than just holding bitcoin thanks to high diversification and eliminated leverage liquidation.

Thanks Embedded Solution Team,
you made great work!

Gary B.
Will Get It Again, Finally A Good Product!

Wow this tool is mindblowing! Bought this for Profit Trailer, very good for testing your trading strategies. The results are very interesting, let’s see how this behaves in the bot over time

Kasim M.
Finally instant backtesting!

This is an absolute great Add On for Profit Trailer. I was looking for something excatly like this since I had no idea how my strategies would even perform. Live Papertrading inside Profit Trailer takes far too long. You solved this! Thank you!

Kendrick L.
Great analytics tool!

This is a great analytics tool as AddOn to Profit Trailer. At the beginning you need to understand technical indicators and basic trading knowledge. But once all this is set up and you tested some strategies, they seem to behave like under real market conditions. Luckily you can also chose trading fee option inside the parameter settings of the tool. That makes the simulated testing results similar to real market conditions.

Mandy L.
Absolutely Worth Trying

Finally a very well customizable backtesting tool! Absolutely worth buying it!

Christian M.
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Pro Version
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Frequently Asked Questions

Manual trading can be very dangerous as human emotions tend to get in the way of profitable trading results. Furthermore, manual trading is very time-consuming. In order to use automatic trading strategies successfully, they have to be tested intensively over the past.

The more extensively a trading system is tested over various market phases in the past, the higher the probability that it will continue to behave in this way in the future.

The number of trades, the total profit and the drawdown within this period of time play an important role for the quality of the system.

There are different backtesting targets available, which consider maximum profit, amount of trades and drawdown. Everything can be fully customized.

If you chose maximum profit for instance, the backtesting process will output the test with the greatest overall profit. That means the greatest ratio between end balance and start balance. All test statistics will be issued for this test.

The backtesting process will succeed if there is a profit in the end.

In case the backtesting process failed, you may consider to adjust the parameters. It is recommended to only make small parameter changes between the tests in order to easily track the changes. If that does not help, you can still restore the default settings.

In case you enabled hints option, the program will issue helpful information about issues and further optimizations after any backtesting process.

Since Crypto Backtester Pro uses standard indicators and standard parameters, basically all bots can be used that also support this. We recommend using Profit Trailer as it is very customizable. But you can also use Cryptohopper.

Check out the Wiki!
Check out Crypto Backtester Pro Wiki and get further helpful information!
* that number depends on your backtested trading stategy and on the market condition during that period.
20% – 25% are averages of all our customers.
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