Uptrend strategy

Here we show you an example strategy where the dips are bought in an Uptrend. Exact parameters can then be determined using the backtesting software.

The EMA Spread Line 1_2 indicator is used to identify the uptrend. The dips are recognized via the RSI. It is sold as soon as a certain profit has been made.

This can also be done via the RSI.

Please also ensure that you set the LossUntilDCARebuy value correctly if you do not use a stoploss strategy and you want to buy later via DCA at a lower price. This avoids a lump risk.

The initial costs for an opened position should also not be too high (initialCostPercentage parameter) so that the portfolio remains nicely balanced.

Profit Trailer Config

Feel free to download and use the Profit Trailer Example Config. Please make sure to enter your correctly backtested parameter values on the marked spots. If you backtested a different strategy, you can also change the strategy. Profit Trailer itself offers plenty of different strategies in their Wiki.

Further explanations to Profit Trailer syntax you will also find in their Wiki.

If you have any further questions, please contact us! Please also make sure to watch our video tutorials on Youtube!

Thank you for your support!